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University of Oregon Instructor a solution for their complex Microsoft Excel assignments
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“ExPrep has allowed me to create all my own content – there are very few things I can't do with ExPrep”
Erik Ford Senior Instructor I of Operations and Business Analytics
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The Problem
Professor Erik Ford was grading assignments using macros to run large batch files, causing complications for students and himself. While looking for the solution, he discovered platforms such as my MyLab IT and SIMnet®, where issues only continued and lacked the flexibility for him to execute the content he wanted to deliver to students.
The Solution
ExPrep has allowed Professor Ford to customize and manage his courses as he envisioned from the beginning of his career. By eliminating the time he would spend creating macros, fixing grading errors, and responding to students’ complaints about specific platforms — Ford can now focus on elevating his course material for future classes. Professor Erik feels confident that using ExPrep will give students the proper tools to learn the course curriculum and the Excel skills needed in their future careers.
The Results
Professor Ford has reported a tremendous reduction in grading and feels confident that students are learning the right skills at the right pace. ExPrep has helped students stay on track with their education and maintain the level they need.
Publisher vs. ExPrep Comparison
During Professor Ford’s search for the perfect platform to incorporate into his Spreadsheet Analysis Course — publisher platforms like MyLab IT and SIMnet® placed themselves as solutions.
Compared to ExPrep, these platforms proved insufficient for Professor Ford’s classroom. With outdated software features, complicated interfaces, and multiple technical issues, precious time was wasted for everyone involved. Professor Ford also emphasized that many issues are often overlooked or ignored with large publication platforms — while ExPrep resolves problems as quickly as possible without any issues while still communicating with the professor.
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