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About Us

Shaping the Future of Excel Education and Grading

In 2015, ExPrep emerged from the visions and dreams of CEO Brandon Eng, who, from the confines of his college dorm room, set out to transform Microsoft Excel education. What began as a simple Excel training application quickly became a leading and revolutionary Microsoft Excel Grading Automation Platform that defines ExPrep today.

Driven to empower educators and students alike, ExPrep was developed to address the challenges of learning and grading spreadsheet-based assignments. Our journey in academia is to enhance the educational landscape, streamline the grading processes, and usher in a new era of Microsoft Excel proficiency.

With ExPrep, the intersection of innovation and education is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our platform, offering educators essential tools to impart their classroom while effectively elevating the student learning experience. As we continue to evolve, our mission remains the same –– to provide cutting-edge solutions that redefine the dynamics of Microsoft Excel education and grading.

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