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University of Chapel Hill Accounting Professor reduces hours of grading Microsoft Excel assignments
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“Post ExPrep, there virtually no grading time”
Courtney Knoll Clinical Professor of Accounting, Associate Dean of the Master of Accounting Program and Executive Director of the UNC Tax Center
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The Problem
University of Chapel Hill Accounting Professor wanted to provide students with a more updated version of their coursework and transfer assignments to Excel.
This caused her to spend an average of 30 minutes grading just one 15-tab Excel project, and having upwards of 70 files made a grading nightmare for Professor Knoll.
The Solution
ExPrep was able to automate all her Excel assignments and also give students feedback on incorrect answers. This allows her to reduce the average time spent grading her Excel assignments by 30-40 hours.
The Results
She can now create more projects and customize what she wants to teach in her curriculum. She considers it a game-changer in her classroom and appreciates the quick turnaround from our team to get it automated and working before her deadline.
ExPrep Compared To Others
Professor Knoll felt that many software programs took the thinking out of the learning process and had no customization in assignments and projects.
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