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University of Alabama Instructor automates her Microsoft Excel assignments with ExPrep
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“I chose ExPrep because it was so flexible – compared to other publisher platforms ”
Jennifer Nunnelley Intro to Operations Management Instructor
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The Problem
Professor Nunnelley's Intro to Operations Curriculum requires students to learn fundamental analytical skills, and Microsoft Excel is a vital tool in teaching these skills. However, grading these Excel assignments required Nunnelley and her TAs to hand grade hundreds of student assignments per semester.
Knowing the overwhelming amount of time it requires to grade each Microsoft Excel assignment can lead to time constraints and inconsistency in grading. Professor Nunnelley sought to find a solution.
The Solution
ExPrep has given Professor Nunnelley the flexibility to customize and manage her analytics course without the hassle of making her TAs spend hours grading each semester. By eliminating 8 hours of grading time each week, Nunnellely's TAs can now focus on assisting students in learning the curriculum and having a solid foundation in analytics.
The Results
Professor Nunnelley has reported her students having a higher success rate in her class and a tremendously reduced grading time. Her TAs have expressed satisfaction in using ExPrep and are happy they can now spend more time building communication with students and fostering essential skills needed in the workforce.
Publisher vs. ExPrep Comparison
During Professor Nunnelley's search for the perfect platform to incorporate into her Intro to Operations Managements ––she discovered that large publisher platforms didn't provide the flexibility and capabilities that ExPrep could. Many publisher platforms required using their version of Microsoft Excel, where students were limited in the type of formulas they could use and learn about.
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