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Old Dominion Professor found a way to combat cheating in their Engineering Technology course(s)
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“ It [ExPrep] lets you do stuff above and beyond what you thought you could do. "
Jon Lester Engineering Technology Professor
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The Problem
Professor Lester has been using Excel in his classroom since the start of his career. He understood the value Microsoft Excel holds in the workforce and wanted to prepare his engineering students with the essential skills needed to succeed in their future endeavors. Lester was running into the issue of catching many students cheating on their spreadsheet assignments by copying previous student assignments and complaining about why they needed to know Microsoft Excel in the first place.
The Solution
After discovering ExPrep, Professor Lester feels confident in our automated grading and cheating surveillance features. With ExPrep, Lester has created multiple versions of the same assignments, ensuring no cheating can be done and no time is wasted in his classroom. Students can learn the fundamental skills engineering students need in the workforce without the hassle of grading individual spreadsheet assignments.
The Results
Students have seen an increase in Microsoft Excel skills, and no cheating has been reported in Professor Lester's classroom. Students have also raved about their new-found skills and have shown Professor Lester appreciation for his teachings.
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