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Mississippi State University MBA Program wanted to include Microsoft Excel learning that was based on their curriculum
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“Students are getting all their good [Excel] basics from ExPrep and faculty are able to build on that”
Angelia Knight Director, MBA Programs
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The Problem
The MBA curriculum at Mississippi State didn't include enough material on Microsoft Excel, so the professors on campus needed to update learning content, knowing that Microsoft Excel skills are essential in the current job market.
The Solution
ExPrep rose to the top because of its easy content management, LMS integration, and automatic grading solution. Students are more confident using Microsoft Excel as a software tool and can focus on learning the curriculum within their MBA programs.
The Results
Students feel more prepared and comfortable using spreadsheets and feel well-equipped when entering the workforce. Professors can track grades and assignments on one platform and provide students with custom feedback to grasp certain formulas and Excel features.
Insights From Assessments Taken
Professors realize their students need to be more knowledgeable in Excel and can now provide them with a platform that can improve their skills as they learn the semester's curriculum.
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