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Investment Banking Professor uses ExPrep to Facilitate their Microsoft Exams and Quizzes
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“It's game changing in terms of efficiency"
Jim Bertram Instructor of Finance
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The Problem
Professor Bertram was searching for a tool to help facilitate his Microsoft Excel exams and quizzes for his Investment Banking courses. Bertram knew his classroom needed a grading platform that could handle his complex spreadsheet quizzes and exams. In addition, Instructor Bertram and his TAs would spend an average of 3 to 4 days grading all his student's assignments, creating a delay in feedback and continuous Microsoft Excel learning.
The Solution
Since introducing ExPep into his Investment Banking courses, instructor Bertram has reduced his grading time to just a few hours and has been able to assign more spreadsheet-based assignments. ExPrep has allowed him to give his students faster feedback and the tools needed to enter the workforce.
The Results
ExPrep has become an essential tool for Instructor Bertram's course. Students have grown tremendously in Microsoft Excel learning and overall Investment Banking skills. In addition, Bertram can now focus on enhancing his courses for future students.
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