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Florida Gulf Coast University educator introduces Excel training strategy into his finance courses
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“The big advantage for ExPrep, from my perspective, has been the flexibility it gives me”
Tim Allen Professor
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The Problem
Professor Allen noticed students needed to catch up on essential course topics because they spent most of their time trying to learn how to use Microsoft Excel versus adapting financial concepts into their assignments. He realized he needed to teach the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel before diving too deep into his curriculum.
The Solution
After discovering the ExPrep Microsoft Excel Trainer and Grading Platform, Professor Allen introduced an Excel Training strategy into his course. He required students to take a self-assessment during the first week of school to see their skill level. He made them use the self-paced training course in addition to completing his custom assignments that ExPrep was able to automate and manage all within the platform.
The Results
By combining the Excel Training Course and Excel Grader, Professor Allen has created complex spreadsheet assignments and projects related to his financial course, which also teaches basic Excel fundamentals to ensure success in students' future endeavors.
Publisher vs. ExPrep Comparison
ExPrep flexibility is the most significant advantage compared to publisher tools. Professor Allen felt his hands were tied and that publisher content was not designed to suit his class. The publisher's content focused on material not aligned with what needed to be taught in his finance courses. ExPrep has allowed flexibility for Professor Allen to teach students material he created. Exprep has also provided students with Microsoft Excel training with the ExPrep Excel Training Course.
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