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Finance Professor at The University of Arizona finds a solution to manually grading 2,250 assignments a semester
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“The biggest thing since working with ExPrep – is seeing how much the team has worked with me to get the features I want into my spreadsheets"
David Brown Associate Professor of Finance
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The Problem
Professor Brown needed to find a solution for the hours he would spend grading spreadsheet assignments. Before ExPrep, Professor Brown would assign and manually grade 30 spreadsheet assignments per semester for an average of 75 students. In addition, Professor Brown sought to find a way to enhance and automate his curriculum for himself and his students.
The Solution
Since introducing ExPrep into his curriculum, Professor Brown can completely automate his Financial Modeling course and assign over 100 projects and assignments per student each semester. Without spending hours grading each week, Brown can now focus his time as a tenured professor, cultivating student connections and enhancing his classroom.
The Results
ExPrep has helped hold students accountable and achieve academic success by providing them with the support they need. With our instant feedback feature, students can receive guidance on questions they might have missed, all within the Microsoft Excel platform. Professor Brown has also reported higher grades per individual student on spreadsheet-based assignments.
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