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Colorado State University-Pueblo Professor elevates their assignments with Microsoft Excel and the power of ExPrep
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“I think it's worth taking the time to let ExPrep look and see what they can do for you"
Tene Greenhood Visiting Lecturer-Accounting
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The Problem
Professor Greenhood wanted more from the homework material she was offering students. She understood her students needed to supplement their accounting skills with additional Microsoft Excel training – as many corporate recruiters complained that students lacked crucial Excel skills once entering the workforce. She attempted to solve this problem by creating her own Excel assignments and developing her own automated grading system. However, she soon discovered students were selling answer keys online and leaving negative feedback about the Excel homework in her end-of-year evaluation.
The Solution
After seeing an email from an ExPrep Pro in her inbox, Professor Greenhood reached out to see if the ExPrep platform was equipped with the tools needed for her complex Microsoft Excel workbooks. After viewing a demo of her content being automated with our revolutionary process, Greenhood quickly joined the hundreds of professors using ExPrep to automate their spreadsheet assignments.
The Results
Since introducing ExPrep in her classroom, Professor Greenhood has reduced her grading time tremendously and spends more time developing new assignments for her students. Students have also reported increased Excel skills and enjoyment in learning this essential tool.
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