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Clemson University professor combats cheating with ExPrep
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“Once you start using more and more and more it becomes quite convenient – it's a life saver"
David Ford Peyton Professor
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The Problem
Professor Peyton was spending countless hours manually grading spreadsheet assignments for over 200 of his management students. Many students were also cheating and were left not knowing the course material. After searching for a tool to alleviate this pain point, Professor Peyton discovered ExPrep.
The Solution
After introducing ExPrep into his management courses, Professor Ford has reduced grading time tremendously and has been able to provide students with additional training on Excel management modules. He no longer needs to worry about adding extra time to his grading process, as ExPrep has been able to grade over 200 students' Excel assignments within 10 seconds. By creating multiple versions of his projects and tests, Professor Ford has eliminated cheating from his classroom and can now focus on providing his students with a quality education.
The Results
Students have seen remarkable growth in their knowledge of management modules and have been able to strengthen their Excel skills by the time they leave Professor Peyton's course. With the reduced grading time, Professor Peyton can now focus on diving deeper into specific topics and assignments.
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