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Associate Professor of Management provided students with hands-on Microsoft Excel experience thanks to ExPrep
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“One of my favorite things about using ExPrep is you can develop your own assignments”
Nik Butz Associate Professor - Management
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The Problem
Professor Butz wanted to get students hands-on experience with Mircosoft Excel. He tried to convert old assignments into spreadsheet assignments, but grading and file management were overwhelming for him to do alone. As a result, Professor Butz spent an average of 300 hours per semester grading assignments.
The Solution
After introducing ExPrep in his classroom, Professor Butz has been able to eliminate grading time, keep files organized, and sync grades into the university's LMS. This has helped Professor Butz cut down over 90% of his overall grading time.
The Results
Professor Butz now provides students with more Excel-based learning content that will benefit their careers after they leave his classroom.
ExPrep Compared To Others
Professor Butz mentioned that many other products have their own "canned" assignments that require students to answer in a certain way. He wanted to teach his courses a certain way with content he curated for his classroom needs.
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