Issues Professors Experience in the Classroom
Some of the significant impediments in academia that are the suspected catalyst of outdated teaching methods and lackluster material retention are based around these specific key points, namely: lack of student discipline and motivation, heterogeneous classes, lack of time, mastering different teaching methods, very large class sizes and lack of guidance by the higher education institution.
According to a review that was carried out by Simon Veenman, the most serious issue that educators face at the beginning of their careers is maintaining order in the classroom. However, he states that the concept of this issue can be interpreted in a variety of different ways, meaning that what one teacher refers to as discipline or order may be interpreted as disorder by another, and vice versa. An experienced teacher's performance is crucial for new students because teachers should create a respectable, disciplined, and enthusiastic learning environment that will shape students' relationship with school during their formative years. Student motivation was identified by Veenman as the second most serious issue. He argues that instructors struggle more to engage students, particularly when they are unable to motivate those students to participate in the teaching and learning process. Managing differences between people, and evaluating student work equally becomes a task it's hard to deal with differences between students because previous studies have shown that it's hard to change curricular and instructional practices to accommodate differences.The fourth most serious issue is student work evaluation because teachers face difficulties in gathering reliable data and evaluating student performance, particularly when they are ill-prepared.
In light of these collective issues, a modernized solution has been provisioned to the finance academia community called, ExPrep. The platform is based within a Microsoft Excel courseware where automation remedies the archaic dilemmas of teaching; student progress can be properly assessed with immediate automated grading, coursework can be pre-loaded into a self-managed repository to be distributed amongst the semester, seamless connection with your learning managing system makes grade logging effortless and oversee possible cases of academic fraudulence simultaneously.
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