How to use ChatGPT as a college professor
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Artificial Intelligence has been a topic of conversation for many, especially those involved in higher education. With the rise of tools like ChatGPT, Homework AI, Socratic, Tutor AI, etc, many educators have mixed feelings about what this all means to the future of education. However, some professors have embraced the new technology and are sharing how they are using AI in their planning and execution in the classroom. Here are a ways professors are utilizing ChatGPT and how you can begin incorporating it:
Get Answers to Complex Questions
ChatGPT is also a great tool for answering complex questions that might arise in your classes. If your students are struggling to understand a concept, simply type the question into ChatGPT and ask to break it down. You and your students might be surprised at the depth and accuracy of the responses it can provide.
Use ChatGPT for Research
Another way to use ChatGPT in your classes is as a research tool. ChatGPT can help you and your students find relevant articles and studies on a particular topic. For example, you can search for real-world business reports and summaries. Be sure to cross-reference it on a reliable search engine to ensure accuracy.
Use ChatGPT to Facilitate Discussions
ChatGPT can also be used to facilitate discussions in your classes. For example, we gave ChatGPT the following prompt: Generate ten open-ended questions to ask students taking a college-level Financial Data Analytics course for a weekly discussion board. The response ChatGPT provided some useful options and some that didn't make much sense. See the image below to see its ten responses.
Use ChatGPT for Creating Assignments and Exams
Finally, ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for generating questions about a specific topic you’re teaching your students. Some educators have even created grading rubrics for essays, and one professor even created the following prompt to use:
Overall, ChatGPT can have many benefits to a college professor, and as we continue to advance in this new age of artificial intelligence, learning how to adapt and utilize AI tools is going to be essential in most fields.
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