How to Avoid Cheating in the Classroom
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Imagine there was a way to promote academic integrity and exclude the chance of cheating within the classroom without proctorial practices? Well: there is, and it’s called ExPrep!
Sadly, cheating does still exist in an academic setting. There are many methods of cheating, but they all result in the same outcome: infringement against the scholastic ordinance. However, ExPrep has taken a more vigilant automated approach to narrow down cases of cheating. What makes this a convenient feature is, it’s automated! When the assignments are submitted, the software will assess each assignment and notify the professor of any suspected fraudulent efforts. Upon the rise of COVID and transition to virtual learning, cheating has reached an all time high; according to, 60.8% of students have admitted to cheating, in addition to the 16.5% of this collective who have stated lack of remorse for their misconduct. This has unfortunately resulted in concern on behalf of the professors, and they've since had to appoint further efforts to annihilate these scandals. Fortunately, ExPrep's leading software has helped to divert this time that would have been spent by the professor individually auditing each assignment and repurposes it towards other miscellaneous tasks, which in turn, helps the professor to be more ‘hands off’ and the course can be streamlined.
If you’re interested further in how to implement this beneficial feature into your classroom, click the graphic below to schedule a demo with a member from our sales team.
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