Are Textbooks a Thing of the Past?
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Imagine this scenario: it’s the first day of your business management course and shortly after the introduction of expectations for the semester, your professor states there’s a book required for the duration of this class. You travel to the campus bookstore, in anticipation of purchasing this book to dreadfully discover, the book is $480. What are you to do? You can purchase the book at full retail price, acquire an ‘older’ used issue or scour the Internet for a free PDF version. This is what college students normally consider when it’s time to purchase course material, being that some times, the Publisher books can be expensive. According to Business Insider, it states that Publishers are now aware students opt for cheaper alternatives to attain their course literature and now have created bundled textbooks with restrictive codes to avoid external sales. On average, Publisher books are normally updated every 5 years, but with the demand for profit, it has been modified to every 2–3 years. Students have since chosen to pursue the course without procuring the book and now risk their education due to the steadily increasing pricing. The better question is, should textbooks become a thing of the past? Since the irregular refurbishment cycle of these books are too frequent, is there another way professors can operate their courses to guarantee the success of their students?
A great alternative to buying Publisher books is self-publishing curated content from the educator. The professor can issue personally composed material that assists in outlining the course teachings, for a fraction of the price of a Publisher book, or perhaps for free. The ExPrep platform allows you to build out a content library for courses that can be updated when the need arises and goes hand-in-hand with the assigned course work. This also helps to save a great deal of money annually on the investment of Publisher material and provides students with a personalized, accessible, reformed variant that is directly geared to their scholarly success. While textbooks are not necessarily a thing of the past, there is a plausible substitute that is just as efficient and has been proven to be successful amongst the professors who are using ExPrep to this day.
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