Spreadsheet Automation for Teaching Solutions
The ExPrep Grader is a platform that automates the grading and reporting for all types of content in Microsoft Excel.
Fully Customizable Content
Use Your Own Assignments
You provide the content, we provide the automation. No more working within the narrow parameters of exams provided by big learning companies; ExPrep places the control in your hands.
Works With Your LMS
ExPrep works seamlessly with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and Brightspace.
Combine with ExPrep Training
If your students need to sharpen their Excel skills, ExPrep training offers nearly 100 topics from beginner to advanced.
Help Prevent Cheating
ExPrep tracks student spreadsheets and flags submissions when they show significant amounts of copied cells. ExPrep can determine both who has copied work, and whose work has been copied, helping you prevent academic dishonesty in your classroom.
Automated Grading
Instantaneous Grading
ExPrep grades automatically, taking the hassle out of your job and giving you the power to dictate exactly when your students can access their grade report.
Customized Feedback
Set your own responses for correct or incorrect work, helping the student learn from their mistakes. Or, take advantage of the automated feedback provided by the platform.
In-Depth Grade Report
ExPrep automatically delivers an in-depth grade report, showing the student where they lost points and what they can do to correct in the future.
ExPrep has made my life easier hands down. I’ve always thought it odd that there weren’t many solutions out there to automate grading of Excel work. ExPrep was exactly what I was looking for!
- Nik Butz (University of Wisconsin Stevens Point)
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