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  • 1) Click the Windows Button.

  • 2) Type and Select “Command Prompt” in the Search bar.

  • 3) Type “Regedit” and press Enter
  • Command prompt window with text

  • 4) Click “Yes” when asking to make changes to the computer. Note: The publisher should be the Registry Editor.
  • 5) In the Registry Editor popup window, select the following folders in the order: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Office > Excel > Addins. Under "Addins," click the ExPrep folder "ExPrep.ExPrepAddin" to open.

  • 6) After clicking the folder, click “Load Behavior”. Note: If the number within the parenthesis shown below is “0”, then ExPrep is disabled.
  • load behavior with the number 0 highlighted

  • 7) In the pop-up window, change the “Value data” to 3 and click OK
  • menu showing the value data
  • Example:
  • ExPrep not in ribbon

  • Solutions

  • 1) Restart Your Computer and check to see if ExPrep appears

  • 2) Click File > Options > Add-Ins > Confirm that the ExPrep Add-in is available as an Active Add-in
  • menus showing the path

  • 3) If ExPrep is not under “Active Application Add-ins” verify the following:
  • i) In the Drop-down next to manage, select “COM Add-ins,” and click Go
  • ii) Check the box next to ExPrep and press OK to activate the Add-ins
  • menus showing add in menu

  • 4) Check to see if you downloaded the correct ExPrep add-in (32-bit vs. 64-bit)

  • 5) Check to make sure that you are running on Windows Excel 2010 or up in the About/Account Page in the File tab
  • menus showing Windows Excel status

  • 6) Uninstall ExPrep and then Reinstall the program on the ExPrep Download page
  • 1) Show tabs and commands
  • tabs and commands menu